ISG Provider Lens™ Social Business and Collaboration 2018: Social Media Management

21 Jun 2018
by Mrinal Rai, Rahul Basu, Jan Erik Aase

Social Media Management

Social media management makes it easier for multiple departments within organizations to monitor, listen, interact, engage and collaborate with their target audiences across different social media channels. These solutions can help to effectively track, convert, monitor, analyze, report and manage various social media venues and conversations. They can also manage outbound and incoming online interactions along with other business marketing activities. Besides the specific functionality, integration with the enterprise’s own ecosystem and seamless third-party integration plays a key role.


  • Hootsuite, Sprinklr and Lithium emerged as top leaders in the social media management segment due to their strong focus on core solutions that are specific to social media. They take a holistic approach and provide end-to-end solutions rather than solving standalone problems.
  • Salesforce is also providing strong solutions in the social media management segment. It is continuously updating its solution portfolio to address additional requirements, such as improved workflow and approvals and user interface updates to satisfy client demands.
  • Spredfast has loyal clients in the segment, highlighting its appeal in a marketplace where suite solutions are gaining strong footholds. Spredfast provides traditional social media-specific solutions with additional marketing features and has solid measurement capabilities which have helped establish its position in this market.
  • The solution has matured in last few years and provides deep and broad functionality to its clients. Increasing partnerships, integrations and extensions make the company a Rising Star in this space.
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