HCLTech Launches Advantage Analytics to Deliver Exceptional AI infused Analytics Experiences

16 Oct 2023
by Gowtham Kumar, Saravanan M S

HCLTech's Navneet Sharma, Global Practice Director, Data and Analytics at Digital Business, offered an exclusive briefing with ISG with the launch of the company's Al-powered business intelligence solution Advantage Analytics. Advantage Analytics is a disruptive offering under the business insights service line, aimed at delivering HCLTech’s commitment to enhance its portfolio and competitiveness in the BI reporting and analytics market. It is a one of its kind, aggregative, and AI enabled transformational offering that combines multiple disciplines and the features and functions of analytics tools across software vendor ecosystems. The solution is ideal for enterprises with varied degrees of analytics maturity, with or without prior investments in business intelligence products and reporting solutions, however, faced with unmapped personas, and inconsistent experience with siloed BI and AI challenges. The briefing provided a holistic perspective to better understand the offering's uniqueness, target segment and account size. The team gave us a walkthrough of the solution and showcased the Insights app across industry specific use cases.

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